The birds don’t seem to mind the rain.

May 8, 2010
Despite the blustery, rainy conditions, we were visited by a couple of new year/yard birds today. :)  We’d been hearing the rain falling all night, and it continued throughout the day. Not a great start, weather wise, for the Prince Edward County Birding Festival, but today things were really hopping (no pun intended) in our garden! :)  Since it was a non-birding day for me, I had a good sleep-in and then sat drowsily at the back window looking to see if the birds had the good sense to stay out of the rain. Thankfully, they did not! :) There was actually a lot of action. The male Cardinal chasing his mate from feeder to feeder, giving her a safflower seed whenever she’d let him catch up. The House Finches were also active, as were the House Sparrows, Blue Jays, Doves, and Chickadees. The White-throated Sparrows had been visiting since last weekend, but today was the first day for the White-crowned.

As I mentioned, it was a very rainy day so not ideal for photography – but you get the picture – ha ha! Anyway, seeing the new Sparrow was great, and then a short time later there was another newbie – a Rose-breasted Grosbeak.

We’d had a family of these beauties in our garden last summer, so we were quite happy to see this female today. No sign of the male yet, but he must be around (the male usually scouts a nesting site before the female arrives). So we’re hoping to see a family at the feeders soon. Wouldn’t that be great? Being the crazy garden loving, bird loving couple that we are, Elaine and I donned our warm camo coats, grabbed a couple of mugs of hot chocolate and braved the elements (under the cover of the gazebo) to get a clearer look at all the birds in our garden as they came and went. There’s still no sign of the Hummingbirds, but certainly plenty of others providing lots for us to watch. It’s been a fun, if cold day, and despite the wet weather the garden birds provided a really enjoyable afternoon. If the sun shines tomorrow I’ll head to The Point to search out the warblers. And whether I see any or not, I’ll post my efforts here this time tomorrow. Talk again soon, Garry –

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