Osprey, Hummingbirds, and Swallows

June 1, 2010
Where did May go? Wow. It felt like forever for it to get here, and now it’s gone. Oh well, bring on the summer! :)
I think I’ve mentioned a few times about how Elaine and I have been enjoying all the birds in our garden lately. The Cardinals, the Hummingbirds, and now the half-dozen or so swallows that have been flying overhead every evening. They are amazingly quick and acrobatic flyers – great to watch as they chase down their dinner of flying insects.
On the way home from work today I got an extra treat. As I crossed over the Moira on Dundas and headed up Coleman I noticed an Osprey twisting and turning (well as much as any bird that size can) over the water, acting very much like he had spotted a fish.
I pulled over and parked the car, and a moment later I saw him splash into the water. He laid on the surface for a second or two gathering himself, and then with some gigantic thrusts of his wings he lifted himself and a good sized fish out of the water and headed off in a south east direction. I imagine he was headed to the nest just south of Dundas near Haig, or perhaps the one a mile or so east of there. Anyway, it was a great sight to see, and it shows that you just never know when something awesome like that will just up and happen right in front of your eyes – so keep them open! :)
Talk again soon, Garry – www.birdingandmore.com

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  1. We’ve been going down to Zwick’s Park to observe the osprey nest there. I’ve captured some photos of both the male and female on the nest. You can see them on my website, http://www.craftygardener.ca

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