Tundra Swans, Snow Buntings, and more…

February 17, 2013
Let’s face it, February is not a good month for birding – and if you happen to be a birder/photographer (like me) it’s not a good month all ’round! :)

My weekend started with a trip to Cressy. I was hoping to get some more shots of eagles and possibly a Barrow’s Goldeneye. The ice on the lake was thinning out, and there was more open water closer to shore. Here’s a video I took from inside my car.

As you can see, there were plenty of ducks on the water, but too far out for any decent photos. Also, the position of the sun made it extra challenging. Trying to spot a single Barrow`s in amongst all those ducks was near impossible, so I drove to the east end of Cressy Lakeside Road where I captured this shot of a couple of Tundra Swans.

(c) copyright Garry Kirsch, 2013
The larger orange-billed swan to the right is a Mute Swan, and the camera-shy duck near the top of the picture is a Bufflehead. As I mentioned off the top, birding this month has been tough. However, one bird that has been appearing in great numbers is the Snow Bunting. I saw hundreds of this cute little bird around Cressy. Here’s one of the flocks that was feeding along County Road 8.

(c) copyright Garry Kirsch, 2013

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I saw another large flock of Snow Buntings (approximately 75 birds) today on my way to Prince Edward Point. They were swarming around the corner of Gravelly Point Road and Long Point Road.
(c) copyright Garry kirsch, 2013

After taking this close-up of one of the buntings, I carried on to the park. The waters of Prince Edward Bay, the harbour, and beyond were virtually frozen over – so no waterfowl. I wondered if there would be any eagles along the distant edge of the ice, so I pointed my binoculars in that direction. In the distance, the waters edge appeared like an undulating mist. I could see ghost-like images of large-winged birds flying, and small groups of ducks taking off and landing. It was fascinating and quite compelling. I was hoping to video the strange scene to show you, but unfortunately there was not enough contrast for my video camera to focus properly.

The only other birds to make an appearance were a small flock of American Tree Sparrows, a couple of Ravens, and this cute little Chickadee. :)
(c) copyright Garry Kirsch, 2013

And while I`m showing pictures of common birds, here`s a Mourning Dove that greeted me when I returned home.
(c) copyright Garry Kirsch, 2013

Although they are a very beautiful, much overlooked bird, well deserving of being photographed – If I`m including a dove, you know I must be having a tough time! :)

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  1. Dave A says:

    Just want to say keep up the good work on the blog Garry, February has indeed been a tough month :)

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