Snowy Owl!

February 2, 2014
The sun wasn’t shining, but I didn’t care! :) I had my cameras, mild temperatures (relatively speaking) and it wasn’t a snow storm. Could my drought finally be over? After weeks of no opportunities, I saw today as a godsend!

It’s been a┬áprolific winter for Snowy Owls (although I hadn’t seen any yet). The nearest one to me was spotted on Oliver Side Road in Deseronto (about a 15 minute drive) and that’s where I was heading.

I knew exactly where the bird had been seen, and when I arrived, there it was!
(c) copyright Garry Kirsch, 2014

It was on its favourite perch apparently, and it didn’t seem to mind that I was taking pictures. It was content to just sit and enjoy the view.

I waited for over an hour, hoping it would take to the air.
While I waited, I captured this brief video.

As I mentioned at the beginning, the temperatures were relatively mild (near zero Celsius) but standing in the cold breeze for over an hour was chilling me to the bones. I finally was ready to give up. I started back to the car when suddenly the magnificent Snowy took off.
(c) copyright Garry Kirsch, 2014

It wasn’t the best flight shot I’ve ever taken, but after almost 90 minutes of waiting in the cold I was thrilled to have it!

After a dismal January, could this be the beginning of better days for me – I hope so! :)


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4 Responses to Snowy Owl!

  1. Susan Lang says:

    Way to go Garry! And to end the drought with the Holy Grail of birds. Nice. So is that you I can hear singing the Hallelujah Chorus?

  2. chelsea says:

    that in flight shot is so beautiful!!!

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