February is off to a good start

February 3, 2016
I know it’s been awhile, but this has been an incredibly slow winter for birding, very few sunny days, and I’ve been busy with some other projects. Phew – that’s all the excuses out of the way! :) Now on to some birding!

First, for those of you living in and around Belleville, I spotted five Goldeneyes on the Moira River on Monday at the foot of Reid Street.
(c) copyright Garry Kirsch, 2016
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As you might have guessed, the ones with the green heads and white patches on their cheeks are the males, while the brown headed ones are the females. Gorgeous little ducks.

Yesterday I drove to Prince Edward Point and Wellington Harbour. It was cold, overcast, and windy at ‘The Point’, and all I saw were a few Long-tailed Ducks and a small group of White-winged Scoters.  Here’s a shot of one of the male Scoters.
(c) copyright Garry Kirsch, 2016

…and here’s one of the female.
(c) copyright Garry Kirsch, 2016

I explored Prince Edward Point for an hour or so, but didn’t see anything else of note, so I headed over to Wellington Harbour.

The harbour was teaming with Canada Geese, Mute Swans, and a variety of ducks: Mallards, Scaup, Long-tailed Ducks, and Goldeneye.

I was very lucky that a couple of Long-tailed Ducks had decided to hunt for food close to the dock – and they didn’t seem to mind me getting close, so I got a couple of close-up shots.
(c) copyright Garry Kirsch, 2016

(c) copyright Garry Kirsch, 2016

Suddenly, while I was shooting the Long-tailed Ducks, a male Goldeneye flew by. I quickly raised my camera and caught this image.
(c) copyright Garry Kirsch, 2016

To cap off the morning, as I was driving back home, I spotted a Red-tailed Hawk. It was a good distance from the road, but I liked the setting, and created this image. I hope you like it.
(c) copyright Garry Kirsch, 2016

And that was it for the first two days of February. I hope this is a sign of things to come. :)

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2 Responses to February is off to a good start

  1. We’ve had terrible weather, snow, no snow, melt. The critters are very confused. The birds think it is spring one day, mid-winter the next!
    Great photos!

    • Garry Kirsch says:

      Thanks Jennifer!
      Yes, this has been a strange winter weather-wise, and the birding has been poor for the most part. But we’re almost half way through February, so Spring will be here soon. Let’s hope that it brings lots of birds with it! :)

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